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churchofjoss's Journal

Religious Themes in the Shows We Love
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This community came out of the 'First Church of Joss' panel at Writercon 2006, when we realized that discussing religious themes in our favorite shows could easily take all day long.

The rules are simple:

1. We're here for discussion and friendly argument. If you can't handle disagreement, please don't participate.

2. No religious bigots need apply. I mean it. If I see it, there will be bannination.

3. This isn't the place for 'ship discussions. Or discussions about actors. Or anything except religious themes/symbols/representations. We don't hate you if you ship Xander/Mr. Pointy, we just don't want to hear it, unless you're discussing the religious implications thereof. ::ponders::

4. This community is primarily focused on Science Fiction & Fantasy television shows, but please feel free to reference other genre shows in your posts (also acceptable: some discussion of comic books, graphic novels, fiction novels, films.)

5. Have fun. :)

Any questions can be directed towards community maintainers harmonyfb and dancetomato.