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I think this is appropriate to this community.  In the fic I'm… - Religious Themes in the Shows We Love [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]
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[Jul. 26th, 2006|04:58 pm]
Religious Themes in the Shows We Love


I think this is appropriate to this community.  In the fic I'm currently writing I'm about to do some very involved spells to facilitate the climax.  I've got Wiccan friends who can help me but after Writer Con I face a conundrum.  I heard two opposing viewpoints.  Both started from the point that Joss obviously knew little about Wicca and that neither Willow nor Tara followed the tenets of that faith.  Some said this could be corrected in fic, others said it was disrepectful to pretend they were real Wiccans at this late date because that's not how they were represented in the show.  Opinions?  Discussion?

[User Picture]From: st_salieri
2006-07-27 01:44 am (UTC)
In my opinion, characterization trumps all. Tara and (especially) Willow didn't seem to identify with Wicca as far as its religious principles. I'd agree with some of the other commenters that they should probably be truly considered witches rather than Wiccan. By trying to "correct" for their behavior in fic, you would be ascribing to them beliefs that they didn't appear to actually have on the show. I would rather see a fic that portrayed them as they were, rather than as real Wiccans.

I remember that the panel got on a discussion of how poorly Joss (and the other writers) portrayed the realities of the Wicca religion. While this is true, it also could be used as a testament of Willow's character on the show: that she didn't seem to be an actual Wiccan because she never embraced its belief system. This also could help explain why Willow ran into such trouble with her power issues, and as such is an important part of her characterization that shouldn't be discarded.
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[User Picture]From: texanfan
2006-07-30 01:46 pm (UTC)
Characterization does trump all. But I think I can create spells that don't run counter to the belief system while not representing Willow as Wiccan. I think that's the compromise I need to reach with my conscience. I do think there's a story to be told in Willow's abuse of magic biting her back via the 3 fold law. But it's a story I'm not equipped to tell.

I'm gratified so many people weighed in on this question. Excellent discussion!
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